Students and 20s

This autumn we’re beginning a

         monthly brunch for students and 20s

Picture of Bible and coffee mugwhere we can spend time getting to know each other better and discussing a topic of Christian faith or discipleship.

However, we will have to meet on Zoom to begin with until current restrictions are lifted.

This year we’ll be thinking through what difference the Good News of Jesus makes to our everyday work life, whether in the library, the office or wherever your workplace is.

We’ll be looking at topics such as

  • stress 

  • success

  • workaholism

  • and our relationships with colleagues/bosses.

Please check back here for updates on when we're meeting, or for more information contact James Cook.

If restrictions allow, we hope to have a

         welcome tea

for any new/returning students and anyone in their 20s, outside at 12 Fulton Close on 26 September from 3.30 pm. Given current restrictions on numbers, it will have to be a drop-in tea, so please email James in advance if you are interested in coming.

We’re also starting up a

         mentorship scheme for all students and 20s. 

If you’d be interested meeting semi-regularly with an older Christian for prayer and support, again please do get in touch with James Cook.

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