S Andrew's Lent Course 2021

The Prayer Course

An eight-week interactive journey through the Lord’s Prayer

Tuesdays at 10 am starting on 23 February

All welcome


To book your place, and for all enquiries, please email James Cook  (or tel. 01603 454940)

by Monday 15 February.


Prayer: How would you describe it?  Mystery – Inspiration – Comfort – Silence?  

Even after many years following Jesus, many say they still find it a bit strange, a bit alien.  

And yet, we all seem to know it’s where we should feel most ‘at home’.  


So this Lent is all about this ‘home’ of prayer.  

Each week we will focus on a phrase from the Lord’s Prayer,

bringing insight into a different aspect, a different type, of prayer.  

There will be video material, and plenty of opportunity for discussion

– and for practising together what we discover on our ‘journey’.


There will be five sessions during Lent itself, beginning on Tuesday 23 February.

We'll then have a break over Easter before tackling the last three sessions of the course. 

Sessions will take place on Zoom on Tuesday mornings, from 10 to 11.30 am, on these dates`;

Sessions during Lent

 23 Feb:  Why Pray?

   2 Mar:   Adoration

   9 Mar:   Petition

   16 Mar:  Intercession

   23 Mar:  Unanswered Prayer

Sessions after Lent

   20 Apr:  Contemplation

   27 Apr:  Listening

   4 May:   Spiritual Warfare


Don't have access to Zoom? Don't worry, you can still take part!

Each week, you’ll find a sheet in the church outlining the key teaching points,

along with a prayer activity to do in the stillness of the Old Church or in the comfort of home.


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