Music is an important part of the life of St Andrew's and just as importantly, taking part is open to all.

St Andrew's Singers (the four-part choir) supports singing at the 10 am services, robing for Communion services. Both organ and piano are played and a variety of instruments accompany a broad mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs. Rehearsals are usually fortnightly on Friday evenings.

More contemporary music is sung at the monthly informal evening service, usually led by a small band.

For major festivals, especially Christmas, other enthusiastic musicians join the regulars. 

For the sheer joy of making music, there is often a singalong (with instrumental playalong) and/or 'Come and Sing' specials during the August Summer Programme.  

Music is for everyone at St Andrew's. If you would like to sing or play, please contact our Music Director Margaret Smith 01603 453010 or email



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