Conditions of Hire: Church Hall


  1. The Hirer, if they are not to be present at all times during the period of the hire, will appoint a Designated Person who will be fully familiar with these Terms and Conditions, including the Health & Safety details, and be ‘in charge’ of and responsible for the persons occupying the Hall during the period of the hire. The maximum capacity of the Hall is 200 persons standing or seated and 80 sitting at tables.

  2. The Hirer undertakes not to allow activities to take place during the period of the hire which will cause annoyance to nearby residents or the general public or which are in any way inconsistent with the character of the Hall as a church hall ancillary to the church of St Andrew’s Church, Eaton.

  3.    The Hirer undertakes to be responsible for any damage to the Hall and for any breakages, all of which will be reported to the Parishes Office. For all irregular bookings a deposit of £50.00 must be supplied as security against any loss or damage that may be caused. The deposit will be returned after the hire, with a reduction for any extra costs incurred in cleaning or tidying the Hall and in making good any loss or breakages.

  4. The Hirer and Designated Person undertake to be responsible for the security of the Hall and its contents during the period of the hire and for ensuring that all lights, taps etc. are turned off. All windows are to be secured, and the main entrance and kitchen doors locked using both mortise and yale locks on vacating the premises.

  5. The Hirer and  Designated Person undertake to leave the Hall, kitchen, crockery etc. in a clean and tidy condition. All rubbish is to be removed from the premises and disposed of by the hirer on the day of hire – not left in the Hall bins. Up to 25 chairs shall be stacked (up to 5 high) in the main hall facing the wall. Other chairs shall be stacked on the stage behind the curtains in an orderly way. The fixed steps at the side or the moveable steps (secured) at the front shall be used when moving equipment on or off the stage. The moveable steps are to be replaced and secured before vacating the Hall.

  6. The Hirer and Designated Person undertake to ensure that any Portable Electrical Appliances that are brought into the Hall have been tested by a qualified electrician (PA Tested) within the previous 12 months and bear a certificate to this effect.

  7. The Hirer undertakes to indemnify St Andrew’s Parochial Church Council (the PCC)  against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of goods or clothing, or of the death or injury of any persons which shall occur during the period of hire, provided that this indemnity shall not apply to any claim, demand, action, or proceedings which arises out of negligence on the part of the PCC, its officers or agents or from any defects on the premises. Evidence of such cover may be requested by the Parishes Office at the time of booking.

  8. The Hirer and Designated Person undertake to become familiar with the Fire and Emergency Procedures for the Hall as posted on the notice board.  At the beginning of each booking all the users shall be informed of the Fire and Emergency procedures. A First-Aid box is situated in the kitchen. Any incidents will be recorded in the Incident Book located in the kitchen. Emergency Exits must be kept clear at all times.

  9. Car parking is available at the rear and side of the Hall.  A car parking plan is displayed on the notice board outside the main entrance. Entry and exit to the car park is via a one way system and entry is through the driveway to the left of the Hall only.  Please organise your parking according to the plan and ensure that both entry and exit driveways are left unobstructed at all times. Cars are parked entirely at the owner’s risk.


The PCC’s Public Liability Insurance only covers for hall usage by the Church or Church organisations.  If you are hiring as a private individual for a function at which no charge is to be made, check with your domestic house policy as in the majority of cases it will provide the necessary insurance cover.  If you are hiring on behalf of a non-Church organisation or cannot arrange suitable insurance cover through your domestic house policy you will need to provide separate Public Liability insurance cover. Evidence of such cover may be requested by the Parishes Office at the time of booking.

Keys can be collected from the Parishes Office between 10am-12pm Mon-Fri, or by arrangement from Alison Black 01603 452957 or email.

Keys are to be returned in an envelope marked “Parish Office” with a note inside saying who they are from. If the office is not open, the envelope should be posted through the office letterbox.

Any problems encountered regarding the Hall should, in the first instance, be reported to the Parishes Office.

St Andrew’s PCC reserves the right to refuse any booking.

Health and Safety

Emergency exits

When the Hall is occupied the exit doors from the main entrance and from the kitchen must remain unlocked as these are fire exits.


The main electricity circuit breakers  for the Hall are located on the kitchen wall near the hatch.


The water stopcock is under a drain cover near the seat outside the Hall Office door at the front of the building.


The gas meter and isolating valve is in the outside storeroom at the back of the building. The storeroom doorkey is in the kitchen key cupboard.

If you smell gas when entering the building leave any accessible doors and windows open to vent the gas. Evacuate the building and move a safe distance away. Call Transco on 0800 111 999 to report the leak and also advise the Parish Office or Alison Black.


In the event of fire evacuate the Hall and ask a responsible person to lead those evacuated to safety; congregate near the church door. In an emergency you must dial 999 and also contact the Parish Office or Alison Black.

First Aid/Accident Book

A First Aid kit is kept in the Hall kitchen. Please feel free to use this for minor accidents. If you need to use the First Aid box you should also consider filling in the Accident Book kept with the First Aid box. Once the details are complete please return the tear off slip to the Parish Office or Alison Black.


Please report any damaged equipment to the Parish Office or Alison Black as soon as possible.


The HIRER shall ensure that no animals (including birds) except guide dogs are brought into the hall, other than for a special event agreed to by the Church Hall committee.  And no animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen at any time.




Conditions of Hire
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