Church buildings

Old ChurchThe nave and chancel of our beautiful old building were consecrated in the 13th Century. It's the only church in Norwich with a thatched roof.

The walls are mainly local flint, held together with lime mortar.

Look out for the font, the consecration crosses, the piscina and medieval wall paintings.

The Old Church is used for services every week and has a quiet, intimate atmosphere.


New ChurchFor most services, however, we use the New Church - a lovely open and airy space, consecrated in 1993, which seats around 210 people. The New Church was partly designed as a small concert venue for the local community, and so it has a beautiful acoustic which attracts many musicians both local and from further afield to come and perform in regular concerts that take place during the year.

Look out for the corbel bosses, at the base of the support beams for the main pillars, showing  water themes from the Old Testament: the separation of the waters at Creation, Jonah and the whale, the parting of the Red Sea and Noah's Ark.


The contrast between these settings enables us to accommodate worship to suit a wide variety of tastes.

The church is open during the daytime; do come to visit and pause and pray. A leaflet gives a description and brief history. Printed copies are available in the welcome area near the door to the New Church.

Church exterior in SummerChurch porch in snow










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